Improving the Overall Wellbeing of Communities...

Milecent Foundation is a structured, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization in Nigeria with the mission to improve the overall well-being of individuals and communities especially in the areas of health, sex and lifestyle to promote healthy living.

Our Mission

To improve overall well-being of people by solving everyday issues related to sex, health and lifestyles.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a bridge of solution to millions of individuals and communities on issues related to sex, health and lifestyle in Africa .

Our Location

No 41 Igbogbo road, Alangeli Bus-stop before Mobil Filling Station, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

We Welcome your Donation Today

Your financial commitment in improving the overall well being of individuals and communities by providing free medical check-ups and promoting awareness on sex Education is very crucial to us.

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We Provide Material Relief to Communities & Health Advocacy.

We organize charity yard events as a way of supporting the overall wellbeing of our communities. At these events, individuals and families are able to get access to many other things which they need to have a better living. This in turn improves the mental and overall wellbeing of our beneficiaries.

Our monitoring and evaluation plan is to improve the livelihood conditions of individuals and meet their basic medical needs.

We focus on Impact

Our awareness framework uses sensitive approaches and age targeted educational programs to increase the awareness and knowledge about sex education and teenage pregnancy.

Health Care Awareness

Our team of Medical volunteers take required basic medical services, sensitization to underserved communities .

Sex education for All

We create awareness to curb teenage pregnancy and promote sex education in Schools.

Community Advocacy Program

We organize charity yard events as a way of supporting the overall wellbeing of our communities

Why People Trust Us

Over the years, we have been making huge impact through our various projects, programs and activities all aimed at improving the lives of people. Together with  your support and partnership we have recorded all these successes .

Schools Sensitization

Through our school health education programs, we have reached 46 schools.

Registered Volunteers

At Milecent Foundation, we have built a total of 75 active volunteers.

Communities Reached

We have made progressive impact in about 23 Communities.

Beneficiaries Impacted

We have successfully impacted in a total of 31,106 people through our programs.

Some of our projects

Through our various projects, we have made significant impact in the lives of about 31,000 people in various communities.